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Hello, world!#

This is Nicolas, introducing WireHub — a tool that helps you generate, store and share WireGuard configurations with your friends, family, and team-mates.

Even though there are a lot of tools for generating WireGuard configurations I could not find one that combined security, privacy, flexibility, and ease of use.

So I made one.

WireHub is a hosted WireGuard Admin UI to securely share configurations with friends, family, and team-mates.#

Devices List, Connections, and Members

A WireHub network. Multiple devices, label-based connection rules, and role-based memberships.

Why another WireGuard tool?#

What's really unique about WireHub is the combination of not running any severs on your behalf and not requiring you to provide your PrivateKeys.

There's a balance to be made in regards to convinience and security, and WireHub purposefully leans towards more security for a little less convenience.

In practice, this means that WireHub always tries to do less by delegating to the user or some other authority:

  • PrivateKeys are optional. Only PublicKeys are required.

  • If PrivateKeys are provided, they are first password protected in the browser using standard WebCrypto APIs. You choose the password and we don't keep it.

  • If you don't provide a PrivateKey, or the correct password to decrypt it, you can still get a generated configuration file but it will have to be edited or augmented to include your PrivateKey in order to be used.

  • You can generate PrivateKeys in the browser. If you do so, Jason Donenfeld's javascript implementation is used.

  • No requirements, no other software to install, no agents, no proxies, nothing. You use whatever WireGuard implementation you need (kernel, user space, go, rust, you've got options).

Import WireGuard Keys UI Screenshot

Optionally import your existing PrivateKeys or generate new ones.

In that regard, WireHub is more like a WireGuard configuration generator and less like a VPN service.

So what can you do with WireHub:

  • Keep your network configs securely in one place with minimal risk factor (no keys, no worries).

  • Invite your friends and teammates to join your networks. They will be able to view, download, or scan the QR codes for each of their devices.

  • Manage your own devices, servers, nodes, proxies, etc.

Preview WireGuard Config UI Screenshot

Quickly Preview, Copy, Scan, and Download the WireGuard configuration for each one of your devices.

That's it. WireHub is still in beta and just launched (more on that later perhaps).

You can follow along on the dedicated Slack channel, use the GitHub repo for Issues and Discussions, or just drop me a line at



Oh! And one more thing. It works without JavaScript :)